Training Courses For Mechanical Engineers In Delhi

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National Power Training Institute NPTI. Academic Training programs. With its mission to emerge as global leaders in enhancing human and organizational. Power and Energy Sectors by blending frontier Technologies with Management. HRD interventions that are instrumental in providing reliable, safe. Corporate Centre and the Regional Training Institutes. NPTI are conducting various long term, medium term and short term courses. Some. of the long term courses cover the requirements under sub rule 32 A of Indian. Electricity Rules for 1. A wide range of short term courses. S12.png' alt='Training Courses For Mechanical Engineers In Delhi' title='Training Courses For Mechanical Engineers In Delhi' />Training Courses For Mechanical Engineers In DelhiJkp Polytechnic is the best polytechnic college in Delhi ncr, gurgaon, Haryana and in Patna Bihar, Jharkhand. In this institute you will get a best study experience. Top and best courses after engineering graduation, short term, pg, post graduate, job oriented, computer courses after b. India, Delhi, Mumbai. World class Training for Cement, Concrete and Construction Industries LEARNING AND TEACHING partners in Human Growth. ABOUT CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION. ITS Group of institutions is one of best B. Tech college in DelhiNCR and Ghaziabad. It is a Top Ranked Engineering institute in DelhiNCR. It provides you highest. NPTI to improve the competencies of the in service Engineers, Supervisors. Operators of the Power Sector. Two Year MBA in Power Management approved by AICTE. Four Year B. Tech. B. Training Courses For Mechanical Engineers In DelhiTraining Courses For Mechanical Engineers In DelhiE. Degree in Power Engineering approved by AICTE. One Year Post Graduate Diploma Course in Thermal Power Plant Engineering. One Year Post Diploma Course in Thermal Power Plant Engineering. Three Months Post Graduate Certificate Course in GIS and Remote Sensing RS. Nine Months Post Graduate Diploma Course in Hydro Power Plant Engg. Six Months O M of Transmission and Distribution System for Engineers. Two year MBA Power Management. NPTI CAMPS, Faridabad launched its first ever MBA Program in Power Management. Power Managers in Ministry of Powers massive efforts of attaining self sufficiency. Power Sector and run the Indian Power Sector on commercial lines. This MBA program. Diploma Courses The Diploma courses conducted by the Institute are approved by AICTE, New Delhi. Equivalent to State Government Polytechnic Course. TATA CMC Academy Offers Six Months Industrial Training for Mechanical Engineering Students and Mechanical Engineers for ME Branch in Chandigarh, New Delhi, Panchkula. AICTE is affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. The. intake for the program is 1. Power Sector organisations. In addition to theinputs provided in. MBA programs, this Program with a Difference lends special. Power Sector issues and ethos to give extra strength to Indian. Power Sector Engineers to steer Power Sector of the country in the challenging times. The MBA in Power Management Program in the last six years has catered to. Power Managers who have taken on issues in the industry. A large number of power managers have. Pricewater. House Coopers, ABPS Infrastructure. Advisory, Infraline Energy, Global Energy Limited, Tata Power, Feedback Ventures. Pvt. Ltd., Torrent Power, Energy Infratech, Moser. Baer, Lanco, Avantha Power, GMR. IREDA, PTC, IL FS, BSES, CARE, CRISIL, KPMG, NDPL, Noida Power, Pw. C, Reliance Energy. Limited etc. So far eight batches comprising of 4. Two batches of 1. NPTI Corporate. Office, Faridabad. Four Year B. Tech. B. E. Power Engineering. Four year B. Tech. B. E. in Power Engineering MechanicalElectrical course being. NPTI is the first of its kind in India. The program is directed at the. Power Industry, the backbone. The program coverage includes the regular inputs generally. B. Tech. program and lays special emphasis on Indian Electricity Act. Engineering Executives for the Power Sector. This is an. AICTE approved course being offered at New Delhi, Nagpur and Durgapur Institutes. GGSIP University. Nagpur University and West Bengal University of Technology. The objective of the. Indian Power Sector and run it on. Four Batches 6. 0 each are attending the course at each. Institutes at New Delhi, Nagpur and Durgapur. One year Post Graduate Diploma Course PGDC in Thermal Power Plant Engineering. NPTI weaves formal education with industry oriented specialized skills to cater. Power Sector. In one of its most successful attempts to create a. PSUsSEBsPower. Utilities, NPTI launched a one year Post Graduate Diploma Course in Thermal Power. Training Engineering in 1. AICTE at its Institutes in New Delhi. Nagpur, Durgapur, Neyveli, Guwahati and Nangal. The PG Diploma Course is having. Power Companies recruited this trained. This course is for fresh and. Graduate Engineers for a period of one year. So far 1. 3 batches have successfully. Regional Institutes of NPTI. The 1. 4th batch. August 2. 01. 0 and 2. Regional Institutes of NPTI viz. Badarpur New Delhi, Nagpur, Durgapur, Neyveli. Guwahati. One year Post Diploma Course PDC in Thermal Power Plant Engineering. Keeping in view the need of Power Sector for trained manpower at the SupervisoryOperator. Operation Maintenance of Thermal Power Plants, NPTI launched one year. Post Diploma in Thermal Power Plant Engineering for Diploma Engineers. Regional Institutes at New Delhi, Nagpur, Durgapur and Neyveli during. This one year course is aimed at developing skills and attitude. Diploma holders and the intake is 5. Institutes. All the passed out students have been absorbed in the different organizations. One batch of 5. 0 students each is attending the program at New Delhi. Nagpur, Durgapur and Neyveli Institutes. Three Months Post Graduate Certificate Course in Geographical Information System GIS Remote. Sensing. NPTI has launched a Three Months Post Graduate Certificate Course in Geographical Information. Systems Remote Sensing during the year 2. NPTI Corporate. Office, Faridabad for Engineering and Geo Science Graduates to provide a sound understanding. GIS RS concepts for those wishing to take up GIS and allied subjects as their. The students are working in companies like NPCL, CES, CES Tech., RMSI, NIIT GIS. Nine Months course on Operation and Maintenance of Hydro Electric Power Stations. In order to develop the trained manpower for the operation and maintenance of the. Hydro Power Stations NPTI launched a 3. Operation. and Maintenance of Hydro Electric Power Stations at its Institute at Badarpur. New Delhi and HPTC, Nangal. The course meets the mandatory requirement of Indian. Electricity Rules, 1. The objective of this course is to prepare. Graduate Engineers to become Power Station Managers of Hydro Power Stations. Six Months Course on O M of Transmission Distribution Systems for Engineers. In order to create technically trained manpower readily available for recruitment. Transmission Distribution of electrical. NPTI offers a 2. 6 weeks certificate course on O M of Transmission amp. Distribution Systems for the Graduate Engineers at its Institutes at Nagpur. Bangalore and Guwahati. The course covers the mandatory requirement of training. Indian Electricity Amendment Rules, 1. On successful completion of this. ABB, L T. Reliance Energy, Power, KDC International, NDPL, Kalpataru Power, Essar Power, PRDC. Easun Reyrolie, Suzlon, Jyothi Structures, Vedanta etc. Long Term Courses for EngineersOperatorsTechnicians 1. One Year Graduate Engineers Course Thermal. Six month Post Graduate Diploma Engineers Course Operation Maintenance of Transmission. Distribution System. Xixx 2005 Xxix here. SupervisorsOperators Course Hydro. Medium Term Courses 4 weeks to 1. Live Line Maintenance Techniques LLMT, Hot Stick Method HSM System Operator. Training. Live Line Maintenance Techniques LLMT Bare Hand Techniques on 4. V Lines BHTSwitchyard Maintenance Techniques using LLMT. Short Term Courses one day to 4 weeks. Materials Management. Energy Conservation and Energy Audit for Generation. Sector Energy Audit Demand Side Management in Power Utilities. Warcraft 2 Icon File. Energy Conservation and Energy audit for Generation Sector. Environmental Pollution Pollution Control. Fire Prevention, Protection Safety. Renewable Energy Sources Grid Integration. Thermal Efficiency Performance Monitoring. Thermal Power Station Operation. Boiler Tube Failure and Case Studies. Fluidized Bed Combustion Boiler. Gas Turbine CCPP Refresher Course Fans Air Heaters. Reliability Centered Maintenance of Rotary Equipments. Pumps Operation, Maintenance and Performance Monitoring.