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Nyerguds TFD fixes page. All fixes on this page are made by Nyerguds Maarten Meuris, unless indicated otherwise. PATCHESFIXES SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR THE C C TFD PACK The First Decade Official Patch 1. Electronic Arts EXE installer. This is the first official patch, which fixes the issue of missing movies in The Covert Operations, Red Alert, and the Red Alert Expansion packs. The First Decade Official Patch 1. English German created by Electronic Arts EXE installer. The second official patch, which fixes missing music in The Covert Operations, and fixes the registry settings of all games. Since this patch does NOT include the fixes of patch 1. BOTH patches. Note though that all fixes offered by this particular patch have been recreated in fan versions which do a much better job at cleaning up the game folders. That difference can literally go up to several gigabytes. See the TFD cleanup guide for more info. TFD C C9. Total Network Monitor 2 is a network monitoring tool that is designed to continuously monitor your local network, individual computers, and services that require. View and Download Edge Products Juice Attitude CTS2 user manual online. Juice Attitude CTS2 Automobile Electronics pdf manual download. Download 7ZIP SFX Maker for free. This a windows GUI for creating selfextracting. This program requires. NET. Red Alert 2 Windows 8 Fix. With the release of Windows 8 the game Red Alert 2 stopped working. With a few changes to the game you can continue playing. RA1 Full Cleanup v. BAT. This tool cleans up the C C1 and RA1 folders in the TFD installation, removing some 7. You need to apply the official TFD 1. This tool is 1. 00 compatible with TFD 1. It doesnt matter if you execute the 1. If you want to play Red Alert 2 and Yuri Revenge in Windows Vista or Windows 7, please follow these steps Step 1 Right click on these files Ra2. Works on both the English and German version of TFD, but the German version has less mess to clean up. Nyerguds TFD Red Alert main. BATEXE. This tool cleans up the RA1 main. SHOULD have done it, adding all videos to one internal archive, and adding the expansion music. BattleSetupScreen.1.png' alt='Red Alert 2 Setup Exe' title='Red Alert 2 Setup Exe' />Tabtight professional, free when you need it, VPN service. Red Alert 2 Setup Exe' title='Red Alert 2 Setup Exe' />It automatically cleans up any files extracted by 1. It will free up about 8. Drum Library Vol 1 Zip there. This patch includes the Snow theater smudge graphics fix and Situation Critical fix for RA v. Mr. Flibble. Original Red Alert 1 THIPX3. IcTbNMPcHU/UlleAunbYgI/AAAAAAAAAl0/TgOnW0r4ves/s1600/red-alert-2-game.png' alt='Red Alert 2 Setup Exe' title='Red Alert 2 Setup Exe' />Red Alert 2 Setup ExeDLL created by Westwood Studios DLL. The original RA1 THIPX3. DLL file. Overwriting the one in your RA directory by this one should fix the LAN play in TFD. Alternatively, you can use Scorpio. Network DLL patch. Note that if you use the original DLL you need to install the IPX network protocol to play LAN games. TFD Tiberian Sun No DVD patch EXE Source code of movies fix PASCAL. If you have troubles starting TFD TS because it keeps asking for the DVD even if you got it inserted, this patch is for you. Just unrar the archive in your TFD TS folder, overwriting the original GAME. EXE by the fixed one, and then run the included FIXTFDTSVIDS. EXE program once. TFD Tiberian Sun mod exe fix EXE Source code PASCAL. This program allows mods that use a modified TS 2. Return of the Dawn to be played on TFD, by removing their CD check. Westwood Online DLL registry fix BAT. If any of the games complains that the Westwood online support library is missing or invalid, download this tool, put it in the INTERNET folder of your TFD installation and run it there. If all goes well, you will get two Windows message boxes telling you that DLLRegistry. Server succeeded for a DLL file. OTHER C C PATCHESFIXES also necessary to get TFD running well. C C9. 5 patch 1. EXE installer. This patch is the combination of all of the previous fan fixes for this game, and a huge amount of new fixes and features. It is available in English, German and French. It offers features like 6 player LAN play, high resolutions, several mission fixes, skirmish play. Go get it. Red Alert 3. Westwood Studios, edited by Nyerguds to add TFD support and extra fixes EXE installer. The official Red Alert 1 v. RA versions after the Aftermath expansion which is v. This version was never officially released, but is definitely superior to the previous ones. The patch is poured into a nice installer, with some extra fixes. This installer includes the English, German and French patch, and will automatically detect when it is being installed on The First Decade and adapt the game to work correctly on TFD. It contains the Snow Theater Smudge Graphics Fix and Aftermath mission Situation Critical fix both made by Mr. Flibble, and also has options to install extras like the normal sized infantry, the network DLL patch, and, for the German version, game uncensoring. Red Alert 1. 0. 8 patch English German French created by Westwood Studios. The older official Red Alert 1 v. RA versions after the Counterstrike expansion which is v. This patch is essential to run the game on modern operating systems, unless you install the 3. Aftermath expansion. After installing this patch, it is advised to also install Scorpio. IPX protocol on LAN games. Its advised to use the 3. RA1 v. 3. 0. 3 Network DLL Patch v. Scorpio. 9a Kevin van Gool, edited by Nyerguds for RA 3. DLL. This allows you to play Red Alert 1 v. LAN games on Windows XP and Windows Vista, without needing to install the IPX protocol. Simply put this file in your RA1 folder. C C9. 5RA9. Mode patch Cn. C DDraw created by hifi Toni Spets DLL. This allows you to play C C9. RA9. 5 in windowed mode, and fixes a number of issues like the fast scrolling problem. Note that this is still being developed, so there is no point in storing a local copy here. Download it at the site. Red Alert windows theme cleanup BAT. This fixes the Windows themes in the RED ALERT folder installed with RA Aftermath and RA Counterstrike and TFD, but for TFD you should use the Full Cleanup tool. Red Alert Ant missions fix MIX. Add this to your Red Alert directory if the hidden ant campaign keeps giving Unable to read scenario errors. Alternatively, you can install the Ants briefing video, which also includes this fix. TSRA2 Network DLL Patch v. Scorpio. 9a Kevin van Gool DLL. This allows you to play Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 LAN and online games on Windows XP and Windows Vista, without needing to install the IPX protocol. Simply put this file in your TSRA2 folder. WARNING this DLL causes problems with online play. It is advised to rename it or move it to a different folder to play online, and only install it for playing LAN games. Multi. Res created by En. Tech Taiwan EXE. On some systems, C C9. RA9. 5 dont launch if your screen refresh rate is too high. Because going through your display properties every time just to play one game can get really annoying, I added this tool here. Multi. Res adds a tray icon to your taskbar from which you can easily change your display settings without going through the control panel. It shows every screen resolution and refresh rate your video card knows. Be careful when using this tool though the fact your video card knows a certain ultra high resolution is no guarantee that your monitor can handle it. Force. Core created by Kalme Peter Kuhn EXE. Many games tend to crash on systems with a dual core processor. Rather than adjusting it manually every time you run the game, this tool automates that. The general way to use it is to make a shortcut that runs forcecore. You can simply run forcecore. CPU Grabber 5. 0. Microsoft EXE. On some systems, RA9. CPU Grabber allows software underclocking of your CPU by taking up a certain percentage of your CPU power, leaving the rest available for the game to run on. However, before trying this rather extreme solution, try enabling the Back Buffer in Video Memory option in RASETUP. EXE using the Cn. C DDraw patch. Usage open CPU Grabber, set it on a certain percentage, and click its Start button. Leave the tool open while playing Red Alert, and close it after you exit the game. The percentage to set it on will vary for each system. It will probably be around 6.